Starter Kit

Starter Kit

Code: BSK

"An Introduction to
Prick 'n Stitch"
(Basics & Kit)

This a re-working of our "Getting Started", Basic Stitches and Hints Sheets
and is intended for newcomers to Prick 'n Stitch Cards
or as an inexpensive Workshop Kit for those of you who teach

The pack contains:
Information on Cards and Sizes
Basic Stitches
Separate Prickings of the Designs
Needle, Threads, Sequins, Gift Tags & Cords
Full Working Instructions for each of the 6 Motifs:

~  Parasol  ~  Op-Art Square  ~  Cornflower ~ 
~  Pussycat  ~   Heart  ~  Celtic Knot  ~

STARTER KIT Price:   ZA R 67.50 (including Pin Vice & Mat)               AU $ 12.50 (excluding Pin Vice & mat)
Please Note:  You  are strictly prohibited from copying these Booklets
The Designs & Instructions therein are the sole property of Prick ‘n Stitch

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