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April 2014

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April 2014



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IMPORTANT!!!   For South African customers - The Prick ’n Stitch Shop in Cape Town is
closed until 12th September as Sue is on holiday.
If you only require downloads please use the email address on the Contact Us page and they
can be sent to you.

Allium ~   Welcome Gate ~  Fireflower  ~ Gorgeous Girl

New Designs Second Quarter 2014

A Prick ‘n Stitch Card, on its own or in a frame, is something rather special.
It’s a  great way to add that personal touch to a gift
as well as being a hobby that can bring in extra much needed cash!

In our Catalogue you will find something for all tastes:

A Prick ‘n Stitch Starter Kit to get you started,
Birthday and All Occasion Cards,
Xmas Cards and Gift Tags
and even a Free Design to try...

Prick ‘n Stitch Cards are fun to do and we cater for
both beginners and experienced Needle-workers.