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Porcelain dolls are beautiful but not something I would make myself -
not only because I begrudge the amount of electricity needed to run a kiln
but also because I'm an "instant gratification" kind of girl!

I also want every doll to be different and for this reason
I've begun experimenting with polymer clay.

From a little block of oven baked clay and a couple of pipe cleaners, you can fashion
an acceptable character doll - its features may not be as refined as porcelain, but the pleasure of knowing it's your own creation makes it well worth while.

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The Miniaturist & the Homemaker The Flower Seller Madiba

The Bowler (left)
The Pharmacist

TIP: The biggest help with sculpting
has been an adjustable magnifying
glass with a light.
I did find it difficult to fix it to anything
as my sitting-room furniture is padded,
so I have drilled a hole in the centre
 of the top of a wooden bar-stool
and dropped the end of the support into it -
now it can turn freely at any angle and go wherever I need it...
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Red Riding Hood's Wolf and
a Tea Drinking Octopus


Butterfly Minds
. . . flit from one delightful inspiration to another . . .