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Anchor the design to the card for pricking with 2 fine pins (or needles) - one placed top, bottom, through pricking design holes - don't pin anywhere that doesn't show a dot!!!   Otherwise you will be left with extra unused holes when the card is finished.  Do your pricking in good light - it's easy to prick off-sides if you can't see well!
Check that you have pricked all the holes by holding the design and card (gripped together) up to the light - the un-pricked holes will show up as much darker.  Our translucent pricking mats make this even easier.

The needle provided with kits is a Size 10 Crewel - you may find it hard to thread, but this size was chosen for a reason - it grips the thread gently, so the thread is less likely to slip out.   Nibble the tip of the thread between your front teeth to flatten it and you will find it goes through easier.   Don't pull the needle more than 3" onto the thread when using metallic threads, as the spot where it bends will sometimes develop an exposed section which shows when you use the last bit of thread.

When stitching Spirals, enlarge the centre hole with a slightly larger pin to allow for the extra number of threads which will pass through the hole.  Although the instructions with the kits indicate one should stitch from the centre to the outer edge, with metallics one can lay them more neatly by coming out on the outer edge and going back in at the centre.

The needle should come through on the outside of a curve of Cross-over Stitch  to keep a neat look.

If you stitch through more than one hole before pulling the thread through, the threads start to twist as you work, the double grip of the card on the thread tending to force the thread to twist.   So, It is best to pull the thread through completely with each stitch. 
Also, occasionally hold the card up and allow the thread and needle to swing free - stroke gently down the thread to help any twists to unravel.

To make it easier to thread a needle with metallic/combined thread that frays out, cut a small square of masking tape, lay the thread on it, fold and press it down then trim it to a point.  Feed it through the needle, the masking tape will pass through without any trouble.  

If a pricked hole is badly off line and there is enough room to prick a new hole without straying into the old one, close up the old one by rubbing with the flat of your nail on the WRONG side of the card.

If you should tear through a hole by mistake, remove the thread, rub gently as above and place a tiny square of masking tape over the back, then gently re-stitch, being careful not to pull the thread too roughly.

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