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January 2011

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We are often asked what threads we use for our kits, so here is some information on our favourites but do keep in mind that these are personal preferences.

Before we start, a little about threads generally...

  • Dark cards are best stitched with light metallic threads as their high sheen picks up the light and throws the stitching into relief.

  • Light cards need to have good contrasting colours - white iridescent thread disappears completely, as do the variegated pastels such as those recommended for the Arum Lily.

  • Colour on colour - for instance red on red card - works reasonably well with the metallic threads.

TIP:  It is useful to keep a sample of test threads on different card colours for reference.

Metallic Threads:
Tend to be much finer than the machine threads, which makes it easier when using combined colours for special effects, as on the Strelitzia or for tassels on the Fans.
Gutermann's™ Metallic range is quite spectacular

  • Magenta Metallic 5385 for the Hummingbird & Japanese Fan
    (not to be confused with their rayon thread of the same number!)

  • Kingfisher Blue - Gutermann™ Metallic 483 perfect for the Seahorse

  • Charcoal - Gutermann™ Metallic 9360 - Dolphins
  • Green - Gutermann™ Metallic 400 is an excellent colour for leaves - it is a green which tends more towards yellow than to blue

Mettler™ Has a slightly more limited colour range but the thread itself is our favourite - the metallics in particular are smooth and relatively knot free.

  • Gold & Silver - Although most of the thread producers have these in their range,  Mettler™ is by far the best quality for stitching cards. It is supple and can be used in longer lengths as it has less tendency to knot.
  • Gold/silver - Mettler Metallic™ 9924 - can be used in place of plain gold for the Penny Farthing or as a single colour on a Mandala
  • Copper - Mettler Metallic™ 1134 -

WonderFil™ also make a good range of extra shiny metallic twists but they do have a tendency to tangle - remember to thread from the end you've just cut!  

Metallic/Rayon Combination Threads:
These iridescent threads add an extra sparkle and are particularly attractive on Geometrics, Fans and wings of all sorts. 

make a good range of colours,.  100 metres on a reel. 

  • White Iridescent or Mother of Pearl  - DMC™ 4300  
    Wings for the Butterfly, Fairy or Bee or the bubbles on the Little Fishy.

  • Black/rainbow Iridescent DMC™ 4270
    A lovely thread suitable for the body of the fish or even the Dolphins.  

  • Black/Gold DMC™ 4251
    Owl eyes or anywhere that uses black - it is warmer than plain black, which tends to look rather stark. 

  • Red - DMC™ 4015 
    Perfect for Xmas cards

  • Royal Blue - DMC™ 4038
    Blue Wren or anything needing a true blue

  • Apple Green - DMC™ 4052 
    Strelitzia, Passionflower

  • Pink Variegated - DMC™ 4260
    Used on the Fans & Flower Mandala and also the Baby Carriage

  • Emerald Green - DMC™ 4057
    Great for Xmas themes

Krienik™   Have an excellent range of "sparkly" threads, but are rather expensive with only 100 metres on a spool.   Perfect for the Butterfly and Fairy top wings - use a plain metallic for the lower wings

Non-metallic Threads:
Mettler™ machine embroidery poly threads are what we refer to as "Silkies" which we use almost exclusively and which come in a wide reange of colours.  
WonderFil™ rayon threads are intended for machine embroidery and are rather fine but have a lovely silky finish and are easy to use. Large range, 150 metres on a spool and usually half the price of most other makes.
Gutermann™ Excellent range of colours - 200 metres on a reel.

Madeira™ The new range of machine embroidery threads is slightly heavier than usual and just perfect for stitching cards - a good colour choice but as there is 1000 metres on a reel, a bit pricey!
One of our Madeira favourites is Black/green Iridescent  -  490 Used for the Peacock (quite hard to find)

Embroidery Skein Threads:   
These work best on the open-spaced geometrics.   In particular, Anchor™ variegated threads create subtle variations in colour over relatively short sections.   The texture is slightly fluffy but the colourings are rather attractive.

  • The Wise Owl's chest (Brown/Cream)

  • The Unicorn's flower necklace (1335 Pastel Rainbow)

  • Variations on the Mandalas.

Anything which fluffs excessively or splits - unfortunately the Madeira Glamour™  thread (which comes in a lovely range of colours) can't take the friction caused by pulling it through the holes, so it is not recommended for cards.
Lurex single strand - this is not a thread as such, but actually a strand of plastic without the addition of entwined thread.  It stretches when used, knots and can be difficult to control.

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